Friday, January 16, 2009

Overdue library books are not a joke, baby*

For the love of God baby, these are tough economic times. People NEED to check out books from the library because they can't afford the loose women, coke and SUVs that entertained them previously. And you roll in here with the one copy of Marley & Me that the library owns THREE WEEKS LATE. Don't you think I have the same need for the heart-warming story of a problematic yellow Labrador as you do?Oh and next time you decide to be "literary" by putting on your dad's glasses when you come to the library, remember to leave the binky at home, you illiterate asshole.

*Thanks to Julian, who isn't as much of an asshole now, for providing his baby photo.


  1. I have some serious library fines now and it's b/c you weren't around to teach me at this early age.

  2. Good thing you said who it was. I thought it could've been Colin Deverell