Friday, February 20, 2009

@baby You're an asshole

Really? We're going to go through this again? Listen baby, here at Boring, Thankless and Low-Paying Inc., we frown upon using work computers for non-work purposes. Like, for instance, e-mailing the entire office pictures of you getting cozy at the Friday night mixer with Linda, the babe in HR. Or, for example, "twitting" or whatever it is you kids call it, about how your supervisor is a "fat fat fatty doo doo monster fat." Or, hacking into my e-mail and signing me up for oh, I don't know, 40 pornographic web sites. I hope that you will take these matters seriously from now on. I know...oh wait, hold on. Somebody commented on my Facebook photo. Just came up on my new i-Phone. Let's see....fat fat fat doodyhead fat...GODDAMNIT BABY!

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  1. Babies: sticking it to shitty bosses since 1947.