Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Viva La Asshole

Baby, just because you went to that art opening last week does not mean you're artistic. Surrounding yourself with works of literature doesn't make you smart. And dressing from the thrift store does not make you a hipster. Next thing you'll be collecting old record albums because it's "vintage" and iPods are SO demeaning to music's true meaning. I'm going to be getting "wish list" emails from Urban Outfitters for cardigan sweaters and skinny jeans that you want for your birthday. You might even go so far as to start your own blog...in which case...I will have to kill you.....of course. Oh and BTW this guy called and he would like his outfit back.


  1. Hipster babies? I hate this world.

  2. Hey... this punk has better boots than I do. What the ef??!?