Monday, February 23, 2009

Your mom's shag carpet does not a costume make

Oh big effing deal, baby. You think you schooled me because you have your outfit for this year's Comic-Con already sewn and ready? Well you know what? You don't even look like Chewbacca. At best, you look like an Ewok who has been run through the spin cycle one too many times. And then we've got this idiot who thinks Chewbacca wears a purse. Chewbacca doesn't wear a purse. You know what Chewie does wear, baby? A gentle, hairy shield of justice. And that's what I intend to represent with this bad boy. I'll see you there suckers. Oh, and if that isn't enough, I've got my Dr. Manhattan costume for the second day. I just hope it doesn't rain....That could get awkward with the blue paint...


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  2. haha! this is the funniest blog i've seen in such a long time (: