Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't be a AZlynn Berry

I knew moving in with you was a bad idea, baby. Sure, in the beginning it was all 50/50, sunshine and rainbow farts. We got along, split the chore list, even cooked dinner together, but then you did what every baby does and turned into a complete asshole. When it came to using MY Costco gift card you were all about splurging on the variety pack of muffins, 6 lbs of fresh Lox, and 24 pack of tube socks.....but then last night....when I came home from Photoshop Hero with the girls...I was looking very forward to eating my left over KFC.....but where was it? WHERE WAS IT BABY!?!?!? Cause it sure as hell wasn't in the fridge where I left it. Nope. But it's okay baby.....cause that Honey Baked Ham you were saving for lunch today....became my dinner last night.


  1. Who doesn't hate babies? extra kudos for the Muffins video link!
    keep hatin' on babies and I'll keep reading.

  2. never room with babies. they steal your food and then spit it right back up... probably all over your new shoes.