Monday, March 9, 2009

What if there really was an elephant in the room?

I guess you're feeling neglected lately. The world isn't paying enough attention to you. So when you had me call Britney Spears publicist and ask how all the Hollywood social lites get ahead in life, he gave me the honest answer. "They flashed their p*ssy." But see baby, when he told me that I knew you wouldn't understand. Your sweet little mind goes straight to thinking p*ssy means kittens. Thank god for that or I might end up on this site. But anything is better than being on YouTube for this. Just know, you blew it with Russell Brand.


  1. Hey! that first video link is broken! Needs to know what it what?

  2. What is this site??? A poor man's FY Penguin or something!? Does he know about this? Explain yourself!

    Unless of course, you came up with the idea of telling cute things to eff themselves first, making you a comical genius.