Tuesday, April 14, 2009


You really make me sick baby. Arnie the Cat used to be a productive member of this household. Ok, you may not think that chasing invisible flies and rubbing your face all over shit is as productive as say, dropping a load in your pampers, but god, ever since he's taken up with you all he does is sit there like a goddamn house plant. Its bad enough I have to foot the bill for you, but now I have another unemployed asshole sleeping on my floor. WHAT DO YOU GUYS DO ALL DAY? There is no purpose to you, baby.


  1. Goddamn slacking cats. Babies can corrupt anyone and anything.

  2. Normally I applaud such behavior from babies so that they don't fuck other people's shit up, but...this little fucker has convinced me otherwise. BABIES CAN BE DANGEROUS EVEN WHEN THEY ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING! ARRRGGGGHH!

  3. That baby is a whore.