Thursday, April 23, 2009

May the force be with you

Baby, you may be tiny, wrinkled and sometimes green comes out of your poop hole, but you are no Yoda. And I really wish you would stop parading around acting like a Jedi Master that has had one too many Mai Tais at Tatooine.

First of all, Yoda is about 900 years old. That's why he's so wise and has white hair in his ears. I have have half-eaten sandwiches riding around in my backpack that are older than you are.

Secondly, Yoda wears Jedi robes. What I see here is a midget in a lab coat.

Thirdly, a question: what does object-subject-verb mean to you? Uh huh. That's what I thought.

Fourthly, this is just fucking unacceptable.

And finally,...what the...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Who let a pug in here? Though now that I'm thinking about it, this dog makes a way better Yoda than you ever will. Look at those wrinkles! Oh god its it making scary noises! What? Oh, he's breathing...


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  2. ROFLMAO. And I'm not just fucking with you. That is hilarious. I knew a website with a name like this wouldn't let me down. Thank you, Thank you.

  3. OMG HILARIOUS! I havent laughed so much in a long time.