Friday, April 3, 2009

YOU are a milk snob, baby

What is that? It's milk, baby. We are in a depression and I can't afford to buy you that organic crap in the recycled carton and that vanilla soy shit makes you farty and bloated. I gave up my Voss and Fiji water, so you have to make some sacrifices too! If you're really worried about the chemicals in that milk I'll run it through our Brita filter, but that's all I'm gonna do for you, asshole.


  1. Babies are so picky. And are completely lacking any financial responsibility.

  2. go puke up that hormone-filled sugar water I buy and quit bitching!!

    When I was a kid, Mom used to get dirt from the yard, mix it with water and she called it chocolate milk. We were glad to drink it!!!

  3. Baby,

    Organic or not, it got 1 to 7 drops of mastitis pus in every glass.

    So suck down your little Suppuration Sidecar, Baby. I'll be drinking out of the hose.

  4. Maybe his picture is on the side of that milk carton.