Wednesday, May 6, 2009

lIj ghu 'oH an asshole

Look baby, I know you spent a long time on this get up, but I simply cannot bring you to my International Federation of Trekkers meeting/bar crawl. Klingons are a warrior race, baby, okay? And I'm guessing if a real Klingon saw you in your fuzzy lion-bird-bunny belt, they'd tell you to get that weak shit out of here, or tlhap vetlh weak shit pa' vo' naDev. The Klingons don't even have a word for weak, that's how tough they are. You think you can just draw on some wrinkles with a sharpie and all of a sudden you're Worf? And it really, really doesn't help your case when you show up to the Star Trek movie premiere with this asshole. That leather skirt is really precious though. Did your mommy make that for you?


  1. ...and frankly, you're wrinkles are crooked. It's really more of a quitters try. Never let a drunk and a sharpie attack your face simultaneously Baby. Do you know nothing?

  2. I don't know, baby. It looks like your parents are assholes.