Thursday, June 11, 2009

A baby can never be satisfied. Ever.

Oh, I'm sorry, baby. First, you win the war against toddlers unconventional means. From the spoils of your battle, you gain several mighty steeds, and you manage to garner the attention of the local press. AND STILL YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED. What is with that puss, baby? Is the mini horse not mini enough for your small stature, asshole? Maybe if you were not the size of goddamn grapefruit you would be more impressed. Even the mini horse thinks you're an asshole, baby, and he likes everyone


  1. who you calling an asshole? you guys are BITERS! this website is totally plagiarizing started over a year ago.

    also, you're just not that funny

  2. WORDLIFE!!!! And who don't you have to blow to get written up on thrillst these days?


  3. Puh-leeze, YBIAA.

    Your Baby is Lame has been calling bullshit on babies since 2007, when yall were still in diapers.

    Truth! 4 EVA.

  4. Plagiarizing? I don't see anything plagiarized on this site. There's nothing illegal about starting a website.

    Anyway, I like this one better that that LAME one. Whoever writes this one is funnier.

  5. Spoken like a TRUE biter. relax homie, no one said anything about illegal, just sayin LAME.

  6. just callin it like i see it. this site has teeth marks all over it.