Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I just threw up rainbows

OOOOOOO....KKKKKKKKK....It's time we sat down and had a little chat, because this is completly unacceptable. You get your kicks in some sick ways kiddo. I tell you how I finally have all my money saved up to buy this awesome van and what do you do? You go and get THIS VAN. So what do I do? Take the blow easily and walk away with dignity and grace? NO WAY. I upgraded to this bad boy. I think you couldn't handle it, and so now what? You find some horse, put some blush on it's muzzle, and strap a horn to its head? For what purpose than to try and claim yourself as the most mystical one in this relationship. Classy baby, real classy. Well I'm not impressed. So I'm leaving you for this baby, he knows how to impress a lady.


  1. Holy shit, bacon & babies, oh my!

  2. Did that baby put eyeliner on that horse? Completely unnecessary & a total asshole move.