Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Good Humor man is NOT laughing

OKay! *gasp*  OKAY! *cough* I'm here and I'd like a Flintstones's you.  *SIGH*  Of course YOU baby somehow commandeered this ice cream truck from it's rightful owner and are trying to make a quick buck.  Did you see me in rear view window?? Is that why you weren't stopping?  I HAVE MONEY BABY.  I have a whole 75 cents for you!  Now fork over the Flintstones push up!    What do you mean you're all out?!?!  No! I don't want one of these.  Who wants to suck on James Bond???  What kind of establishment are you running here??? What song is this??? Can you turn the music down, it's interfering with my thoughts of how to drop kick you.   Screw you baby, I'm going to get some Pinkberry.

One extra large sundae with a cherry on top for Alissa.  Thanks for the submission!

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