Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Will some one get this asshole a tissue?

REALLY BABY? I know babies are suppose to cry...it's all you assholes do besides shit and eat. But this emo depression crap is really getting on my last nerve. What do you have to be sad about? SERIOUSLY? You get to wear awesome hats and it's adorable. You get to eat like a total slob and it's adorable. You don't have to play chess with Fred on Wednesdays.  I really want to know why you're crying? You know what I think it is? I think it's all the guilt getting to you for selling us out to a XANAX COMPANY. I just had to spend $10 on a new domain name to talk shit on you. I could have bought TWO footlongs at Subway for that much. I hate you baby, I hate you so much. Mostly because I know they bribed you with this shit for our user/login information.  Jokes on you baby. 


  1. therefore is spelled wrong.

  2. How rude.Is this a joke website or something. Even if it is, it's still not acceptable. Stop being so butt hurt that you were raised in the ghetto and your mom got shot as a prostitute. Something wrong must have happened in your life for you to be picking on babies like that. Damn, how bored are you ,go outside, play XBOX or something. Watch dora the explorer. You are acting really childish. This is hardly even funny. You just look like some jerk who has no life. It disappoints me that people like you exist in this world. You're even worse than Donald Trump.
    Good bye. God bless your rotten soul.